The Amani Hope Foundation

According to UNESCO, there are over 61 MILLION primary-aged children around the world who are not enrolled in school – about 50% of them residing in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Amani Hope Foundation identifies these children in need and provides them with educational scholarships, because our belief is that education is a basic human right and our vision is to improve quality of life for our Amani Hope Scholars. Providing a means to education equips them with peaceful paths to positive change and enables them to improve quality of life for those around them.

The Amani Hope Scholarship

The Amani Hope Scholarship (AHS) is a need-based scholarship targeted to educate orphans and vulnerable children across AFRica and subsequently the whole world.

Each year, through partnerships with on-site nonprofit organizations, the Amani Hope Scholarship Committee selects children across AFRica that need assistance with tuition fees in order to go to school.

Funded by proceeds from AFR Clothing, the Amani Hope Tour and generous donations from supporters like you, the Amani Hope Scholarship Fund is educating AFRica one shirt at a time.

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